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The land that grows the berries for Grandma Candy's Jams is from the very land that our ancestors settled in back in 1881. In 1995 Candy and Murray Falk began to grow black caps (black raspberries) and soon people began asking how they could purchase our jams and diabetic friendly spreads. What was first about 5 rows of berries is now about 2 acres and over 25 rows of blackcaps.

We don't and won't use any pesticides or herbicides on our berry bushes, and we're committed to being a naturally sustainable farm! Everything we produce is healthy and natural. Even our spreads are naturally sweetened without the use of artificial, refined, or processed sugars.

This "Home Healthy" line is for those who want to eliminate sugar from their diet and still want the sweet taste of our spreads. We even have syrups that are sugarless!

Apple Butter


"Better" than Grandma used to make! Why? It's sugarless! 
Handcrafted from the best Washington apples, Grandma Candy's Apple Butter is blended from secret proportions of three varieties of locally grown apples in both sugarless and sugared offerings.

PRICE: $7.50 | Order Some Today!

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